Halogen Heating

Ideal for small and medium size marquees (4.5m, 6x6m, 6x12m, 6x18m Pagodas) . Halogen heaters heat the direct location and do not blow heat. Multiple halogen heaters can be used in a Marquee dependant on the size. No fuel is involved making them a popular choice. This item will require a mains power supply to operate.

Recommended Marquee: 4.5m to 6x18 Pagoda

Price Each £12.50

Indirect Space Heater

This heater sits outside the marquee and the warm air is directed inside via a length of flexible high temperature ducting. The price includes fuel for 8 hours (approx.) although more may be required dependant on your needs. The temperature can be thermostatically controlled from inside the marquee. You can purchase an additional 20L of fuel should you be running for longer than 6-8hours. We will deliver the additional fuel in an approved container with funnel.

Recommended Marquee: 6x6m Pagoda, 6x12 Pagoda, 6x18 Pagoda Pagoda and any 9m Wide Marquee.

Price Each £150.00 (Full tank)
Additional 20L Fuel £20.00