Plastic Matting

Plastic matting is our recommended flooring option as the neutral colour is able to blend with any d├ęcor (formal or informal). Plastic matting when laid can have a very stylish appearance with its charcoal finish. Add uplighters to this flooring type and you can produce a fantastic setting as your light will shine. Plastic matting can be laid on uneven surfaces although it will follow the shape of the ground.

Recommended Marquee: Pagoda only

Interlocking Flooring

Interlocking flooring is a raised sub floor used in our larger marquees. You can use the flooring covered with carpet or uncovered. Other companies around the UK may use interlocking wood although we have found the interlocking plastic to be more environmentally friendly during production. Unlike wood this type of flooring will not absorb water the night before your event and keep the shape intended. This flooring will follow the contour of your ground although our brickwork laying method helps with any imperfections. Add carpet to this flooring for a formal appearance.

Recommended Marquee: Clear Span marquee only 9m or 12m wide

Interlocking & Carpet

Add carpet to your interlocking flooring to make your event stand out. Suitable for informal or formal events. You can select from one of sixteen colours below. Your carpet will be new and unused ready for your event.

Carpet colours

Previous customers with carpet